Our partnerships with like-minded leading service providers in the Lettings Market place ensures that you can be assured of the very highest of standards that you enjoy with Manage Your

Home Telecom

The landlord’s choice for telephone, broadband and Sky TV is Home Telecom, a rapidly emerging telecoms provider. For over 6 years, Home Telecom has been offering tenants reliable and flexible broadband packages for the term of tenancy or breakclause, including 30 day rolling or up to 18 month superfast home fibre broadband contracts. Home Telecom also offer unique Sky TV bundles that start from 6 months and offer a range of fantastic channels and box sets. For more information, contact us on

Green Star Energy

Our preferred energy supplier, Green Star Energy, is an energy company in the UK, supplying electricity, gas and renewable energy at competitive prices. With Green Star Energy, your tenants can get a simple home energy tariff that saves them money and the environment at the same time. Not only do they give customers green options they can be proud of, they also ensure they’re affordable. On average, tenants could save £274* each year based on Ofgem’s medium consumption. Their mission is clear – great service, easy to understand tariff and savings on the bill. For more information contact us on

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